Downloads & Keyboard Mapping

Now there exists an additional feature for all those who want to write their own Lantsha text.

First click all the keyboard mapping downloads to look and print the full range of Lantsha clusters. Lantsha script is quite complex and you will need a lot of time to be familiar with the script.

Each Lantsha sample has a matching Tibetan script (notice the Tibetan script in Kub.ttf and Kubera.ttf files) The same assembly exists for the other Lantsha "round" script and for both Vartu and the Ranjana script you can find on this web-site.

The intention for my fontagenda was to be familiar in writing Sanskrit-texts in Tibetan script. After writing the text in my virtual platform (see in facts about fonts) with a simple click on a special key the text has been automatically transformed in a Lantsha or Vartu or Ranjana text.

But this homemade software is developed on an old HP 80 (386 xt) written in Visual Basic 4 and not available for a modern computer.

On the other way the assembly for all the mentioned scripts is in the exact same manner. I can change from Vartu to Lantsha or Ranjana or vice versa, only with one click for the full written text.

L A N T S H A   K E Y B O A R D   M A P P I N G 

Character Repertoire Pages Keyboard Mapping
2 pages gcluster--a-1.pdf [57 KB]
27 pages gcluster-ka-1.pdf [810 KB]
5 pages gcluster-kha-1.pdf [146 KB]
12 pages gcluster-ga-1.pdf [381 KB]
5 pages gcluster-gha-1.pdf [144 KB]
23 pages gcluster-nga-1.pdf [590 KB]
8 pages gcluster-tsa-1.pdf [642 KB]
7 pages gcluster-tsha-1.pdf [206 KB]
13 pages gcluster-dza-1.pdf [333 KB]
4 pages gcluster-dzha-1.pdf [124 KB]
10 pages gcluster-nya-1.pdf [294 KB]
10 pages gcluster-ta-1.pdf [294 KB]
4 pages gcluster-tha-1.pdf [110 KB]
5 pages gcluster-dda-1.pdf [148 KB]
3 pages gcluster-ddha-1.pdf [103 KB]
7 pages gcluster-na-1.pdf [196 KB]
24 pages gcluster-t-1.pdf [695 KB]
6 pages gcluster-th-1.pdf [166 KB]
20 pages gcluster-d-1.pdf [587 KB]
7 pages gcluster-dha-1.pdf [211 KB]
20 pages gcluster-n-1.pdf [548 KB]
9 pages gcluster-pa-1.pdf [274 KB]
6 pages gcluster-pha-1.pdf [185 KB]
8 pages gcluster-b-1.pdf [224 KB]
4 pages gcluster-bha-1.pdf [129 KB]
10 pages gcluster-ma-1.pdf [287 KB]
4 pages gcluster-y-1.pdf [117 KB]
37 pages gcluster-ra-1.pdf [1.072 KB]
14 pages gcluster-la-1.pdf [461 KB]
2 pages gcluster-v-1.pdf [61 KB]
19 pages gcluster-ss-1.pdf [570 KB]
21 pages gcluster-sssa-1.pdf [617 KB]
44 pages gcluster-s-1.pdf [1.337 KB]
25 pages gcluster-ha-1.pdf [766 KB]
7 pages gcluster-ksa-1.pdf [205 KB]
6 pages gcluster--appendix-1.pdf [218 KB]
3 pages gcluster--kutaksyar-1.pdf [66 KB]
Character Repertoire Pages Keyboard Mapping

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