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Facts about fonts

For all 16 scripts I have designed the full range of elegant fonts, with or without vowels and diacritical signs (for one Lantsha script alone more than 16.400 signs using 99 ttf. files) to be written using a normal keyboard, but utilizing- a newly designed stack program.

For one font (ca. 16.000 signs, consonants and all clusters, both combined with all vowels ) it took more than one year to develop the software and to calligraphy all the signs for ttf.files.
It took me more than 10 years altogether to provide all the 16 scripts you find on this web-site.

The Tibetan fonts used are of different shapes. The first Tibetan font I developed 1984 on a HP80 machine for my own use, therefore it is not the best in calligraphy. Up till now new developments provide even better Tibetan fonts for downloading.