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Lantsha fonts

These free for download fonts are generally compatible with all desktop publishing software like Microsoft word or Star fiice.

They are usually created for myself and designed in a freehand calligraphy similar in a kind of handwriting design, having no inclination of making a profit.

All the Lantsha clusters are in two modes of ttf. files

One is named "landz0 to landz99" and the other "landza0 to landza99". Only one file is named "landron"

All you have to do is to install the full range of ttf.files. You can use the fonts for a lifetime without any copyright permission in any way you may want to use them.

Landz ttf.files Landza ttf.files
landz0.ttf landza0.ttf
no landz1.ttf file landza1.ttf
no landz2.ttf file no landza2.ttf file
landz3.ttf landza3.ttf
landz4.ttf landza4.ttf
landz5.ttf landza5.ttf
landz6.ttf landza6.ttf
landz7.ttf landza7.ttf
landz8.ttf landza8.ttf
landz9.ttf landza9.ttf
landz10.ttf landza10.ttf
landz11.ttf landza11.ttf
landz12.ttf landza12.ttf
landz13.ttf landza13.ttf
landz14.ttf landza14.ttf
landz15.ttf landza15.ttf
landz16.ttf landza16.ttf
landz17.ttf landza17.ttf
landz18.ttf landza18.ttf
landz19.ttf landza19.ttf
landz20.ttf landza20.ttf
landz21.ttf landza21.ttf
landz22.ttf landza22.ttf
landz23.ttf landza23.ttf
landz24.ttf landza24.ttf
landz25.ttf landza25.ttf
landz26.ttf landza26.ttf
landz27.ttf landza27.ttf
landz28.ttf landza28.ttf
landz29.ttf landza29.ttf
landz30.ttf landza30.ttf
landz31.ttf landza31.ttf
landz32.ttf landza32.ttf
landz33.ttf landza33.ttf
landz34.ttf landza34.ttf
landz35.ttf landza35.ttf
landz36.ttf landza36.ttf
landz37.ttf landza37.ttf
landz38.ttf landza38.ttf
landz39.ttf landza39.ttf
landz40.ttf landza40.ttf
landz41.ttf landza41.ttf
landz42.ttf landza42.ttf
landz43.ttf landza43.ttf
landz44.ttf landza44.ttf
landz45.ttf landza45.ttf
landz46.ttf landza46.ttf
landz47.ttf landza47.ttf
landz48.ttf landza48.ttf
landz49.ttf landza49.ttf
landz50.ttf landza50.ttf
landz51.ttf landza51.ttf
landz52.ttf landza52.ttf
landz53.ttf landza53.ttf
landz54.ttf landza54.ttf
landz55.ttf landza55.ttf
landz56.ttf landza56.ttf
landz57.ttf landza57.ttf
landz58.ttf landza58.ttf
landz59.ttf landza59.ttf
landz60.ttf landza60.ttf
landz61.ttf landza61.ttf
landz62.ttf landza62.ttf
landz63.ttf landza63.ttf
landz64.ttf landza64.ttf
landz65.ttf landza65.ttf
landz66.ttf landza66.ttf
landz67.ttf landza67.ttf
landz68.ttf landza68.ttf
landz69.ttf landza69.ttf
landz70.ttf landza70.ttf
landz71.ttf landza71.ttf
landz72.ttf landza72.ttf
landz73.ttf landza73.ttf
no landz74. ttf file no landza74. ttf file
no landz75. ttf file no landza75. ttf file
no landz76. ttf file no landza76. ttf file
no landz77. ttf file no landza77. ttf file
no landz78. ttf file no landza78. ttf file
landz79.ttf no landza79.ttf file
landz80.ttf landza80.ttf
landz81.ttf landza81.ttf
landz82.ttf landza82.ttf
landz83.ttf landza83.ttf
landz84.ttf landza84.ttf
landz85.ttf landza85.ttf
landz86.ttf landza86.ttf
landz87.ttf landza87.ttf
landz88.ttf landza88.ttf
landz89.ttf landza89.ttf
landz90.ttf landza90.ttf
landz91.ttf landza91.ttf
landz92.ttf landza92.ttf
landz93.ttf landza93.ttf
landz94.ttf landza94.ttf
landz95.ttf landza95.ttf
landz96.ttf landza96.ttf
landz97.ttf landza97.ttf
landz98.ttf landza98.ttf
landz99.ttf landza99.ttf

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